"I Have A Podcast is the #1 discovery platform for independent podcasters."

Created by Vinnie Potestivo to help discover and amplify the voices of independent podcasters, ihaveapodcast.com is a place for creatives and creators to find inspiration, opportunity, and community. 

Vinnie Potestivo is an Emmy Award-winning media advisor with over 25+ years of experience launching some of the most notable talents, personal brands, and media franchises in modern pop culture. He is the host of  I Have A Podcast with Vinnie Potestivo available everywhere you listen to podcasts, and the host of I Have A Podcast on TV available on Cox, Comcast, direcTV, and a dozen of those AVOD networks you’ve been hearing about via the bspoketv network.


Thank you for your interest in being featured on ihaveapodcast.com! The ONLY way to get featured as a podcast/podcaster on our platform is:

■ if you were referred by a previously featured guest.
■ if you get a message directly from us inviting you to apply to interview.
■ if you are a member of the verifiedpodcastexchange.com
■ if you are a verified holder of a FameCat NFT


We are here to support the independent podcast community. We know, as podcasters, that sometimes we have to do non-podcast-related things to monetize our brand. From book launches to product launches, media tours to talk tours, personal appearances to tv appearances, and every other type of win you may be ready to celebrate, which is why we are happy to amplify your press release on ihaveapodcast.com.

Please send the written press release in a GOOGLE DOC to hello@vpetalent.com,
and make sure the document is editable and NOT private in the event
we need to make any changes.