Creating A Celebrity Brand Strategy with Connor Dube on IHAP Live

This podcast has been modified for your audio pleasure. Watch the original video broadcast here: vpe.tv/connordube

Connor Dube and I met in Brandon T Adam’s Video Marketing Mastermind group during the summer of 2021. We connected instantly and it was a matter of days before we were live streaming.

In this episode of IHAP LIVE, Connor and I share our unique POVs into Celebrity Brand Strategy: the importance of winning awards, receiving credits, being discoverable, commanding red carpet moments and so much more. 

A bit about Connor: 

Connor Dube is an Active Speaker, Host of the B2B Mentors Podcast, Entrepreneur, and Marketing Writer.   Starting his first oddball business at seven and overcoming a suicide attempt at 18, since then Connor has gone on to create multiple 8-figures in sales, coached hundreds of business development leaders on Social Selling & Content Marketing best practices, been featured in leading podcasts, platforms, stages, and even helped colleges modernize their curriculum on B2B Sales & Marketing. His current focus as Partner/Director of Sales & Marketing at Active Blogs assists B2B businesses with account-based marketing and social selling services and strategies.

This podcast has been modified for your audio pleasure. To watch a video recording: vpe.tv/ihaplive-1

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