Damien Fahey and I Have A Podcast (Part 1): TRL and the Internet

On this awesome episode of I Have A Podcast®, we sit down with Damien Fahey!

We dive into the impact social media had on TRL, his initial discovery and love for audio media, and the humiliating audition experience that almost made him uninterested in the opportunity to audition with me for the position that launched his television career as host of MTV’s TRL… 

Conversation Timestamps:
00:13 – Damien Fahey Intro by Vinnie
00:45 – TRL Studio Audience Size
01:44 – TV Audience Is Shrinking
03:03 – Word of Mouth is Measurable
03:26 – New Kid On The Block
04:19 – C-SPAN To The Rescue
04:40 – The Importance of Investing & Saving for Your Career
06:00 – Making My First Reel
07:30 – Northeastern University
07:48 – Kiss 108 
08:51 – My First Audition Sucked!
09:59 – Utter Humiliation
10:18 – The MTV Audition that Almost Never Happened…

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Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-Chief of I Have A Podcast®

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