Embracing Authenticity: The Power of Being It Until You Become It with Natasha Graziano

Embracing Authenticity Natasha Graziano

Welcome to I Have A Podcast®, where we have in-depth conversations with inspiring individuals who are making a difference in their industries.

In this episode, we are joined by Natasha Graziano, a personal development coach who helps people to own their truth and live their best lives. Natasha shares her story of overcoming adversity and how she learned to embrace the power of authenticity.

Natasha debunks the myth of “fake it until you make it,” and shares her insights on how to “be it until you become it.” She also talks about the importance of reinvention and how we can all learn to identify new habits and take inspired actions to reach our full potential.

Join us as we explore the wide space of surprises and discover the “it” factor with Natasha Graziano on I Have A Podcast.


-Podcast Conversations, a Wide Space Full of Surprises

-Owning the Truth of My Story

-Debunking Fake It Until You Make It

-How to Be It Until You Become It 

-Every 7 Years We Reinvent 

-The “It” Factor & My Bag of Habits 

-Identify New Habits and Take Inspired Actions

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Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-Chief of I Have A Podcast®

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