Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Sustaining a Podcast

Jamie-Lynn Sigler (HBO’s The Sopranos, ABC’s Big Sky) shares the mistakes made and lessons learned as we dig deeper into her podcasting journey.

We dive into the art of building sustainable collaborations, something she has been able to do with her Pajama Party co-hosts Kassem G. and Rob Iler.

And we chat about how previous relationships can serve as inspiration for a podcast, as well as how to use those unique (shared) experiences to benefit the audience.

Conversation Highlights Include: 
00:28 – Creating a Podcast with Robert Iler and Kassem G.
00:41 – Podcasting on Everything and Nothing
01:15 – Podcasting Between ‘Mama Said’ and ‘Pajama Pants’ 
02:42 – Making Money While Entertaining
03:44 – Bringing Back Sleepover Memories via Pajama Party
04:12 – Finding the Balance in Hosting Two Podcasts
06:00 – How auditioning to a new character 
07:39 – How Podcasting Helped Jamie Be More Authentic
09:20 – Thriving in Life With Multiple Sclerosis
11:40 – What Jamie Loves in Acting and Theater Arts
13:03 – The Importance Of Understanding Viewpoints From Different Perspectives

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Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-Chief of I Have A Podcast®

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