August 18, 2023

Coaching Call

by Rafael Gomez
“To inspire others to be their best”
Introduce yourself.
Rafael Gomez created the show to bring awareness of coaching to more people and to highlight the game changers of all coaching modalities.
Share an experience that has shaped who you are today.
Sifu Rafael is a Fitness professional, Solutions expert, Executive coach, and head Instructor at Max Martial Arts & Fitness in New York. Sifu's goal is to impact the world with love & knowledge to as many people who are open to receiving it. We can all change the world. Most importantly we need to start with ourselves, and then we can help others.

Host of 4 unique one-of-a-kind types of podcasts one of which is called Coaching Call which covers various types of coaching styles by coaches/trainers in sports, martial arts, fitness, business, mindset, relationship, and leadership. He created 3 other shows, Heroes Rising, New Tip Daily, and The Seer show.

Heroes Rising is where Sifu Rafael along with his co-host feature 2 coaches 2x per month and The Seer show is bringing the world together from New York to Queensland Australia with another co-host and is Launching his 5th show called Business Prowess with a co-host in South Africa.

As the founder of each show, Sifu Rafael's vision is to bring insight and knowledge to his audiences worldwide. Sifu Rafael is also the Founder of the Heroes Rising Apex which is a 4-day event that will be held in Long Island New York as he unites some of the best minds from all over the world in one collaborative business conference.

To learn more about Sifu Rafael and have a quick chat click on the link calendly.com/sifurafael/15min
Tell us about your podcast audience.
Coaching Call Rafael Gomez
We’ll cover various types of coaching by trainers in sports, martial arts, fitness, and business. We’ll discuss each coach’s methods of getting the most out of their respective athletes or clients and how they attempt to change the platform in which they coach.

Join us on a fun adventure as we discuss unique coaching styles. We’ve all been coached before… in school, at work, or on a team.

Your first coaches were your mom or dad who taught you how to communicate, tie your shoes, or play a simple game of catch. Coaching is a part of how we get others to get something done.
What makes your podcast unique?
The show has an audience which is all over the world and it hits home for business types and all types of coaches.

Our audience is 3% of young adults from the ages of 18-22 [surprised at that number 😉 ] all the way to 60 + our biggest audience is 27-49 year olds. They keep coming back for all the interesting conversations and the amazing guests who always over deliver with their stories and tips.

Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-Chief of
I Have A Podcast®

Vinnie Potestivo,
Editor-in-Chief of I Have A Podcast®

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