It Came From The Radio
by Mark Torres
Introduce yourself.
I'm Mark Torres, host and producer of "It Came From The Radio", the official show of the Big Apple Con, a weekly syndicated radio show that focuses on the independent comic book artist, writer and filmmaker. Believe it or not, I actually started this show (almost) 20 years ago as a round about way to get my comic book published. I did manage to get published one time, but continued the show as it was a great way to meet new and interesting people in the entertainment world that are (mostly) ignored by mainstream media. I have worked in both a movie theatre (working my way up from peon to projection booth manager) as well as BBV (once again working my way up from peon to acting store manager) for 20 years combined. Learn more about me here: https://www.qgazette.com/articles/local-express-311/

“Everything is until it isn't.”

- Mark Torres

Share an experience that has shaped who you are today.
There are a few stories that I love to tell, so I guess I'll just pick the one that is the least amount of typing! One time at NYCC we (Senior Correspondent Charlie Saladino and myself, amongst others) were covering the event and I saw this cosplayer dressed up as a Gazelle-type mythical creature (turns out she was working for the New-Gen Booth). She said "do you want some free comics?" to which I replied, "Yes I do.". She said follow me and led us to the aforementioned booth where they were having a signing. We introduced ourselves as press and inquired as to what the booth was about. Some random lady apeared out from the back and said, "You're press? Want to interview Mark Hamill?" to which we responded, "Yes I do.". The lady took our names and set us up for a press roundtable with Mark and all the folks involved in the project the following day. At the press round table I was sat along with about....5-6 other members of the press and Mark was brought over. He was already talking before he sat down and I whipped out my handheld recording device. After he finished speaking, I took a second, looked around and no one else looked as if they were going to ask a question. I figured that we were taking turns or something so since I was closest to Mark, I asked my first question. Turns out that Mark, much like myself loves to tell stories so his answer went on for a few minutes. Once he finished, I took another look around and no one else was saying anything, so I asked a second question to which Mark also took a while to answer. Then his rep came along and said "that's all the time we have". If looks could kill, I'd be dead five times over as each and every other person was looking at me with murder in their eyes. So the lesson here (at least what I took from it) is, take your shot, be open to possibilities and just go with the flow.
Tell us about your podcast audience.
Our audience is mostly made up of Men 35-54 and Women 25-44. I'd like to think what keeps them coming back is the flow of the show, the humor, and the interaction of our hosts
What makes your podcast unique?
The show has evolved over the years, starting more akin to "The View" morphing to more of a "Craig Ferguson" vibe, to a (due to the Pandemic) more Guerilla style show. That being said, the core of the show is the same. For the most part (We do have a live show courtesy of the east meadow public library once a month) we talk about the news of the week (in relation to our theme of the show) and then have a Father/Daughter segment followed by some pre-recorded interviews. I think what makes our show different is that 1-we are an actual radio show, 2-our hosts which (at the moment) consists of myself, a senior correspondent, a comic book publisher, and a model/actress/stand-up comedian/producer (who knows little to nothing about the pop culture world, which is on purpose). We (mostly) talk about movies, tv shows, comics and the indie creator.

Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-Chief of
I Have A Podcast®

Vinnie Potestivo,
Editor-in-Chief of I Have A Podcast®

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