August 25, 2023

Jane Nicola Soundvibe

by Jane Nicola Douglas
“Arts are for life”
Introduce yourself.
I am the founder and podcast producer of Jane Nicola Soundvibe which is a monthly arts podcast that features the works and innovations of leading artists, musicians and creators from different corners of the globe. My audience is largely compromised who have a deep appreciation for the arts for relaxation/recreation, aspiring artists and creators and professionals.
Share an experience that has shaped who you are today.
Since May 2022, Jane Nicola founded “Jane Nicola Soundvibe,” a monthly show which generates a deeper conversation intt why artists, musicians and bands create work in the way that they do. Throughout each episode, Jane Nicola has sought to establish an authentic dialogue with artists and creatives from all over the globe currently spanning the countries of Sweden, Canada, UK, U.S and China. In her first episodes, Blues Walker, a U.S. musician living in Sweden spoke about his band residency and what it was like to bring his band over to China and how he recorded his album whilst locked down in Sweden. The earlier episodes also pay tribute to UK producer Graeme Holdaway, who co-ran the Beat Factory with Marjike Bergcamp. In the episodes, Marijke and Alex Holdaway (wife and mother) speak about their deep and enduring friendship. Also Sonja Kristina (Acid Folk/Curved Air) whose earlier work was recorded by Graeme shares how the story in how she met Graeme at her countryside home, when she was married to Stewart Copeland. (Drummer of the Police).

Jane Nicola is currently based in Shanghai but originally grew up in Somerset in the UK. Jane Nicola gained a B.A. Hons Degree at Middlesex University in London and then trained as a State registered Music Therapist at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, later graduating with a Masters Degree in Music Therapy. Jane Nicola also undertook an LTCL Diploma in Music Education and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with Dundee University. Over the years, Jane Nicola has recorded several albums independently and gigged independently all over the globe. In 2009, Jane Nicola's fascination for travel led her to leave the UK for China, then Singapore and Hong Kong where he has worked extensively within music education, as well as continuing her work as a recording artist and a podcaster.
Tell us about your podcast audience.
My listeners are keen about what’s new in creativity, art and what are the personal stories behind the artists/creators that come onto the show.
What makes your podcast unique?
Connection and authenticity is what makes this podcast unique. As the performing artists, bands share their personal journeys undertaken which includes hearing their latest album releases or hearing a live performance. It enables the listener to feel an intimacy and authenticity that many have mentioned is both “fascinating” and “inspiring.”

Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-Chief of
I Have A Podcast®

Vinnie Potestivo,
Editor-in-Chief of I Have A Podcast®

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