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Introduce yourself.

Content consultant for VCs + small business owners. Host of MODELS OF MASTERS. Creator of New Earth Knowledge. 40+ clients helped in personal consulting business. Latest book published is The Content Entrepreneurโ€™s Roadmap to Five-Figure Months. 2014 Butler University grad with a BA in communications. 8+ years in the SaaS space for multinational companies including Teradata, Emarsys-SAP plus local start ups. Written for Content Marketing Institute, Hyken.com, CustomerThink & more. Live in Phoenix, AZ. Creator, idea generator, investor. Connect on LinkedIn, Instagram, or email.

Every level demands a new version of you.

- Michael Becker

Share an experience that has shaped who you are today.

I had a powerful spiritual awakening in 2018 from which I was inspired to create my meme page @new_earth_knowledge which has grown to 60k followers. As my nest egg, that helped propel me to some recognition as a modern spiritual leader for the "New Earth" sub-niche. I soon started thinking energetically, emotionally, almost dimensionally about every aspect of life. My perception shifted from linear to liminal. I began doing life coaching off the heels of my account which led me to a renewed passion for working with people. I had what I call a secondary financial awakening a couple years later when I realized what a prison the 9-5 drag was and that I wanted to design my freedom-based lifestyle. So I ended up binging on all things financial literacy for the next year. A year ago I invested in a done-for-you Amazon store as I think the Amazon ecosystem is a more reliable economy than the regular global economy. I am also passionately pursuing multifamily real estate in addition to building my podcast to a global reach. I'm also passionate about brain optimization, human potential, travel, reading, fitness, and conscious living.

Tell us about your podcast audience.

Our listenership is mainly composed of online entrepreneurs, course creators, coaches/healers, truth seekers, human design enthusiasts, small business owners, and working professionals ALL of whom want to access their highest potential with actionable strategies.

What makes your podcast unique?

Join your host Michael Becker as he brings you the stories and strategies behind the success of the most innovative creators in the world. The show reveals insider nuances of leading entrepreneurs, artists and brands. Topics covered include culture, lifestyle, influence, impact, growth, human design, online entrepreneurship, customer experience, investing, money, and more. The show features both monologues and exclusive interviews. Connect on Instagram: @michaeljoelbecker.

Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-Chief of
I Have A Podcastยฎ

Vinnie Potestivo,
Editor-in-Chief of I Have A Podcastยฎ

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