August 4, 2023

Paranormal the New Normal

by Jeremy Bryant
“Trying to make the world seem more normal and it’s a hard thing to do these day.”

Introduce yourself.
Paranormal the New Normal was created by me(Jeremy Bryant) as a way to make people aware of the stranger fringe topics in this world that are slowly becoming the new normal.

The people who listen to it are trying to figure out the secrets in this world and learn everything they can about their fellow humans and more.

Share an experience that has shaped who you are today.
I have with it is that I live in a haunted house as I have mentioned on my show. The original builder and resident of my house is still with us and likes to hang out in the garage.

Other than that it’s other paranormal podcasts and television shows growing up that sparked my interest in the paranormal.
Tell us about your podcast audience.

What keeps my audience coming back is that they get to hear the guests stories in a judgement free zone with a host who lets his guests do most the talking.

What makes your podcast unique?

We discuss everything from the really strange such as dogmen, bigfoot, and aliens to the normal everyday topics such as femininity, manifestation, life coaching and more.

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