That Trophy Wife Life Comedy and Self Improvement
with Dayna Pereira
Introduce yourself.
I'm Dayna Pereira. A self proclaimed Participation Trophy Wife, Show Host, CEO of The Entertainers Network, and YouTube personality. What, you wonder, is a participation trophy wife? I'm so glad you asked! A participation trophy wife means that I don't always nail it in life, but I'm doing the best I can. I am constantly learning, growing and evolving so I at least get the participation trophy. I heal by leaning into my imperfections, making people laugh, dropping a few cuss words, and a splash (tidal wave) of wine. My super power is laughing through life's imperfections without ever spilling a drop of wine.

"My super power is laughing through life's imperfections without ever spilling a drop of wine."

- Dayna Pereira

Share an experience that has shaped who you are today.
I've spent most of my life thinking that I wasn't good enough. My little sister (that has confidence out the wazoo) invited me to a "business conference" with her. The conference was Angie Lee's Pays to Be Brave. I came out a changed person. I decided right then and there that I was no longer going to allow fear to stop me. If I fail, so what?! At least I tried. So I went for it and started my show. Two years later, and I have had the opportunity to speak with so many people that I never thought I would. I didn't fail. It was only the beginning. And I'm so proud of how much the show has grown and, truthfully, how much I have grown as well!
Tell us about your podcast audience.
My audience is so amazing. They are imperfect people that enjoy listening to imperfect people that were able to get out of their own way to accomplish their dreams and goals. They enjoy using humor as a coping mechanism and are very involved. They're always ready to share their own stories when I ask for them, and are so supportive of the show.
What makes your podcast unique?
That Trophy Wife Life is a comedy and self improvement podcast hosted by your favorite "Participation Trophy Wife" (Dayna Pereira). Featuring Comedians, Podcast Hosts, Authors, and Entertainers of all kinds; Dayna and her Guests discuss the challenges and adversities that they had to overcome to get to living their version of "That Trophy Wife Life". Well.... Maybe It's a Participation Trophy Our topics are far and wide. There are so many unique stories out there and I love to hear how people overcame their challenges to reach their dreams!

Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-Chief of
I Have A Podcast®

Vinnie Potestivo,
Editor-in-Chief of I Have A Podcast®

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