November 3, 2023

The Busy Mom's Guide to Meditation

by Molly Rodriguez
"You get the mindset boost and they learn the tools, it's a win-win!"
Introduce yourself.

I created The Busy Mom’s Guide to Meditation because I needed a resource to figure out how to have a meditation practice with young children in the house.

This is the result of over 5 years of trial and error in having a meditation practice myself and teaching my children how to meditate and cultivate mindfulness.

This is a podcast for all of the busy mothers out there who are looking for a little more mindfulness, meditation, and connection in their lives.

Share an experience that has shaped who you are today.

When I had my first son, I struggled with what I look back now and realize was a bit of postpartum depression. I was so disconnected from my body and my needs that I really struggled to find balance and happiness in my life after having a baby.

It is definitely not like “they” tell you it will be. Something had to give and I dove into meditation, unsuccessfully at first. There was virtually no literature on how to have a meditation practice with small children outside of “wake up early and meditate before your kids wake up.”

This didn’t work for me since my oldest has always been an early riser. So began the trial and error, the small successes and frequent failures and backslides.

Fast forward 5 years and 2 more children later, and I am connected to my body, I have a great, for me, meditation practice, and I have found a way to tie all three of my children into that practice at the level they are able to join.

This helped me to create Elemental Healing Meditations, a meditation coaching business, and soon after, The Busy Mom’s Guide to Meditation Podcast.

Tell us about your podcast audience.

They are short, usually 15-20 minute episodes that you can listen to in the car picking up or dropping kids off at daycare/school.

We breathe together and I teach practical and actionable ways to bring more meditation and mindfulness into their lives.

What makes your podcast unique?

I discuss meditation and mindfulness as it applies to mothers with small children. I delve into how to meditate WITH your children. This is so that you don’t need to find time for a meditation practice on your own, and then find more time to teach your children how to meditate.

I also do short guided meditations together during some episodes and touch on topics such as connecting with your partner or with friends.

I also touch on what is meditation, different types of meditation, and how to use that knowledge to really find a practice that works for you as an individual, not what works for me or anyone else.

Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-Chief of
I Have A Podcast®

Vinnie Potestivo,
Editor-in-Chief of I Have A Podcast®

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