My Weekly Mixtape by Brian Colburn

My Weekly Mixtape is a podcast that takes the classic mixtape approach to building a modern playlist, with your host Brian Colburn. Each week my goal is to tap into that joyous feeling of success after spending hours in front of the stereo crafting your own epic mix! When you handed someone a mixtape, you were handing them your musical identity. Why should a playlist be treated any different?

Sales is NOT a Dirty Word by Aleasha Bahr

Sales is NOT a Dirty Word by Aleasha Bahr Introduce yourself. Sales is NOT a Dirty Word. Discover alternative sales approaches that win a lot more sales without ever feeling weird or uncomfortable! For all solopreneurs and business owners with teams who are currently converting less than 50% of their leads. “There are no failures […]

TherapyBites by TherapyBites A.R.T. LAB

Welcome to TherapyBites A.R.T. LAB! We showcase stories of regret & resilience, tragedy & triumph, helping, hurting, healing, & bite into the MYTHperceptions & M.A.D.ness of psychotherapy while unveiling the surprising neuroscience of real life. It’s all FRESH from the therapy couch & the deeper, darker recesses HIDDEN beneath. And, oh yeah! We’re gettin’ crumbs on the couch!