Master Brand Development

with Mathew Knowles

We pull back the curtain into the high-stakes world of entertainment networking with our guest Mathew Knowles, a well-known global speaker, music and business executive who reveals the secrets to building relationships in the industry for Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé, Solange, Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams.

A round of applause for Mr. Knowles!

Get ready to be inspired as Mathew Knowles, a renowned figure in the entertainment industry, sits down with Vinnie Potestivo on “I Have A Podcast” to discuss the art of building relationships and networking effectively.

With a journey that spans from a successful corporate career to launching Destiny’s Child and founding Music World Entertainment, Mr. Knowles brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. His commitment to personal growth is evident, as he holds a PhD and MBA, and continuously seeks to expand his knowledge.

As a sought-after speaker and author, Mr. Knowles is dedicated to empowering others and sharing the keys to success in the entertainment world. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from this industry titan and take your networking game to new heights.

“The drive to refine what you’ve done, to continue growing on it and building on it, that is extremely inspiring.” – Mathew Knowles

In this episode, you will:

–  Discover the secret to continuous learning and personal development that will set you apart in the entertainment industry.

–  Unlock the power and value of collaboration in the music industry to take your career to new heights.

–  Build genuine relationships and master the art of networking to create valuable connections in the entertainment industry.

–  Learn how to harness the significance of visuals and content to captivate your audience and tell a compelling story through music.

–  Find the right manager who understands the inner workings of the music industry and can help you navigate your way to success.

Follow along using these time-coded notes: 

[00:01:08] Mita Mallick and her #1 book Reimagine Inclusion review

[00:03:08] Mathew Knowles on being a LinkedIn Top Voice

[00:09:35] Importance of parts said and unsaid; managing monetization; creators’ content control; commonality with Beyoncé.

[00:13:01] Joe Jackson’s character in Janet Jackson’s documentary

[00:16:14] Beyoncé learned and can do it herself

[00:12:53] Taking on nay-sayers and winning the role of a lifetime

[00:23:00] Creating solo and group strategies for Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle 

[00:24:59] Leading a collaboration and standing for a cause

[00:29:36] Collaboration and failure drills that lead to success

[00:38:16] How to build a brand with authority

[00:38:01] How to leverage being a LinkedIn Top Voice

[00:40:01] Practice hours determine the success of aspiring artists.

[00:42:43] Thank you for shaping pop culture and creating new genres in music. Your contribution is powerful and additive to the conversation. Impressive public speaking.

Let Mr. Knowles’ wisdom and experiences continue to inspire you as you navigate your own path in the entertainment industry. Remember, your journey is a unique one, and the keys to success often lie in the connections you make and the knowledge you acquire.

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For More Information on This Episode and Others Like It:

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Vinnie Potestivo, Editor-in-Chief of
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