That Trophy Wife Life Comedy and Self Improvement with Dayna Pereira

That Trophy Wife Life Comedy and Self Improvement with Dayna Pereira Introduce yourself. I’m Dayna Pereira. A self proclaimed Participation Trophy Wife, Show Host, CEO of The Entertainers Network, and YouTube personality. What, you wonder, is a participation trophy wife? I’m so glad you asked! A participation trophy wife means that I don’t always nail […]

Joyfully Prepared by Wendi Bergin

Joyfully Prepared by Wendi Bergin Introduce yourself. I’m a regular mom with a husband, a bunch of kids, and some dogs and I’m the founder of Joyfully Prepared, a business dedicated to teaching busy moms skills like gardening, food preservation, natural remedies, and more so they can take care of themselves through developing talents, support […]

Paranormal Peeps Podcast by Josh Raymond

Paranormal Peeps Podcast with Josh Raymond Introduce yourself. We are a paranormal research team, who have a love for all things paranormal. We talk about our paranormal adventures, discuss locations that we have visited, evidence that we have gathered, and lots of other paranormal topics that we find interesting or intriguing. Up until a few […]

Beyond Asian: Stories of the Third Culture by Sen Zhan

Beyond Asian: Stories of the Third Culture with Sen Zhan Introduce yourself. I am a lifelong immigrant and traveler who found solace after discovering the term “Third Culture”. I started my journey on this planet in Daqing, China. As a result of the political unrest following the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacres, my family sought to […]

Coffee with a Journalist by Jered Martin

Coffee with a Journalist with Jered Martin Introduce yourself. I’m Jered, the co-founder and COO at OnePitch. Within my role, I wear multiple hats ranging from sales and customer success to product management/marketing and partnerships. Early on I realized the important of working for a small business and the impact I could bring through my […]