Be Convinced! Sharing Lifechanging Stories of Hope by Soraya Coffelt

Be Convinced! Sharing Life-Changing Stories of Hope by Soraya Coffelt Introduce yourself. I’m a lawyer, former judge, entrepreneur, children’s author, wife and mother who has a passionate desire to encourage and inspire others by sharing true stories of hope that involve people in a wide variety of circumstances. “I love to spread hope to adults […]

Beyond Asian: Stories of the Third Culture by Sen Zhan

Beyond Asian: Stories of the Third Culture with Sen Zhan Introduce yourself. I am a lifelong immigrant and traveler who found solace after discovering the term “Third Culture”. I started my journey on this planet in Daqing, China. As a result of the political unrest following the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacres, my family sought to […]

MODELS OF MASTERS by Michael Becker

MODELS OF MASTERS with Michael Becker Introduce yourself. Content consultant for VCs + small business owners. Host of MODELS OF MASTERS. Creator of New Earth Knowledge. 40+ clients helped in personal consulting business. Latest book published is The Content Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Five-Figure Months. 2014 Butler University grad with a BA in communications. 8+ years […]

Ignorance Was Bliss by Kate Wallinga

Ignorance Was Bliss with Kate Wallinga Introduce yourself. I spent my entire professional life in the fields of mental health and criminal justice. My favorite, hardest and most important work was specifically in the fields of correctional psych, forensic psych, and crisis assessment. I grew up in upstate New York, and went to college near […]