Inspire to Run Podcast by Richard Conner

Inspire to Run Podcast is for someone who is looking to make a change in their life after a doctor diagnosis, job related stress, or moving into their next phase after kids or divorce.

The podcast is interview style and share journeys from runners, tips from fitness experts, and background stories of races for charity and non-profits.

Productive NOT Busy by Wayne Weathersby

The Productive NOT Busy Podcast is a great way to listen to informative content on the go.

Wayne Weathersby will guide you to More Money, More Free Time and Less Stress? Self Improvement on Confidence, Attitude and Mindset is the best investment you can make and I want to give you the motivation to do that!

Uncover actionable Hacks, strategies,tips and insights you can use NOW! I Help Boost your Mindset, Confidence and your Attitude Today!

Mastering Brand Development with Mathew Knowles

Mastering Brand Development with Mathew Knowles

We pull back the curtain into the high-stakes world of entertainment networking with our guest Mathew Knowles, a well-known global speaker, music and business executive who reveals the secrets to building relationships in the industry for Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé, Solange, Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams.

Making Conversations Count Ltd by Wendy Harris

There’s me, Wendy as host and neal Veglio as producer. I find guests, screen ann interview.

Neal takes the recording and creates the show and produces the content for distribution on some socials.

I personally post to IMdb, YouTube and LinkedIn as they’re not shared access or biggest potential audiences.

Listeners are a like the brexit vote 51% business leaders, like who are featured from different industries a and 49% are starting out or in their early days wanting to soak up knowledge.

Conquer Your Fears and Unlock Personal Growth with Dr. Robert Heath Meeks

Conquer Your Fears and Unlock Personal Growth with Dr. Robert Heath Meeks

If you’re feeling trapped in a constant cycle of self-doubt and fear, always second-guessing your actions and decisions, then you are not alone!

Despite your efforts to grow and become your true self, you may find yourself conforming to societal expectations, and losing touch with your own desires and dreams.

The fear of judgment and rejection may be holding you back from embracing who you truly are, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and disconnected.

Remember, you have the power to break free from this cycle and embark on a journey of self-acceptance and personal growth.

No BS Business School by Jan Ditchfield

I’m Jan – business educator, revenue coach and the Host of No BS Business School. I help industry experts uncover the blind spots in their business and lean into their unique gifts, so they can take intentional action to scale their online revenue. My podcast is my love letter to the gusty, unapologetically talented female entrepreneurs who listen, to help them stay inspired and keep moving in the right direction as they grow the online side of their business. It’s also where I share everything I’ve learned about turning a 20+ real world career into a 6-figure online business, and how the women who listen to my show can do the same.

Hacks & Hobbies by Junaid Ahmed

I’m a father of 4 kids, beekeeper and a hobbyist, started the podcast to document my journey and in turn realized all of my potential through storytelling, which enabled me to pivot the podcast to interview others that took their passion to profit. People listening to it are either on a journey or discovering what is possible with the technology we have at hand.

The Ultimate Guide to Entering and Winning Content Awards for Your Podcast

The Ultimate Guide to Entering and Winning Content Awards for Your Podcast

Winning content awards has the potential to strengthen your podcasting business significantly. Such accolades can attract more listeners, sponsors, and additional opportunities for collaboration. 

Additionally, you may be able to charge higher rates for advertising and sponsorships, ultimately increasing your podcast’s revenue.

If you’re committed to building a thriving podcasting venture, entering your podcast into content awards is a strategy worth pursuing. It’s a powerful means to gain recognition, reach new heights, and create a more successful podcasting business.