Ignorance Was Bliss by Kate Wallinga

Ignorance Was Bliss with Kate Wallinga Introduce yourself. I spent my entire professional life in the fields of mental health and criminal justice. My favorite, hardest and most important work was specifically in the fields of correctional psych, forensic psych, and crisis assessment. I grew up in upstate New York, and went to college near […]

A Little Bit of Everything With Me! by Angelica Vallecillo Goncalves

A Little Bit of Everything With Me! with Angelica Vallecillo Goncalves Introduce yourself. I am adult with a learning disability that was as a young kid I wouldn’t be successful. It took a long time to accept this learning disability, in 2017 I decided to say okay I have this gift I have accomplished so […]

Street Curb Curiosity by Richard Lewis

Street Curb Curiosity with Richard Lewis Introduce yourself. I’m a retired 40+ year media/marketing guy who now enjoys doing a daily blog and a weekly podcast about the “weird things” we experience in life every day. The show is about what those voices say in your head…but now OUT LOUD. Fully self written/produced and recorded […]

The Geeky Dad Podcast

The trials and tribulations of a Geeky Dad trying to reclaim some semblance of sanity as he navigates parenthood and geek culture. Hosted by Raphael Moran, a writer, producer and comic creator. His co-hosts are the “Multiverse” Kids. They’ve taken over his man-cave and now they want to take over his podcast.