Coffee with a Journalist by Jered Martin

Coffee with a Journalist with Jered Martin Introduce yourself. I’m Jered, the co-founder and COO at OnePitch. Within my role, I wear multiple hats ranging from sales and customer success to product management/marketing and partnerships. Early on I realized the important of working for a small business and the impact I could bring through my […]

Microdosing by Paul Schrimpf

Microdosing with Paul Schrimpf Introduce yourself. I’m a healthcare executive. I lead the healthcare practice for a management consulting firm called, Prophet. I work in an industry with some incredibly smart people. It’s also an industry where too many people think they know more than they do, and make naive decisions. In addition, it’s an […]

The Guy Who Knows a Guy by Michael Whitehouse

The Guy Who Knows a Guy by Michael Whitehouse Introduce yourself. It all began on a visit to a secret government networking research lab. A chance encounter, with a radioactive nametag at a networking event turned mild mannered Michael Whitehouse into The Guy Who Knows a Guy! Gifted with supernatural networking powers, The Guy Who […]

Bippity Boppity Business by Rita Richa

Bippity Boppity Business with Rita Richa Introduce yourself. Bippity. Boppity. Business. ? Those are 3 words you have never heard together… until today. ? I am the host of Bippity Boppity Business, a podcast where I interview former Disney cast members and enthusiasts. I started the podcast because I am fascinated by the way Disney […]