WellSeekers with Lucia by Lucia Nazzaro

WellSeekers with Lucia with Lucia Nazzaro Introduce yourself. Lucia Nazzaro is an Emmy nominated storyteller, educator and expert. She works to create stories and solutions to help individuals & society find their story of well with a special focus on how we can rise and comeback from adversity and issues that challenge the human spirit. […]

Story and Horse by Hilary Adams

Story and Horse with Hilary Adams Introduce yourself. My life has always been a creative one. I’m a long-time professional theatre director, and have had the great fortune of working alongside incredible collaborators. As we co-created stories together, I saw first hand how transformative the creative process was, not only for bringing the invisible into […]

Diabetes Connections by Stacey Simms

Diabetes Connections with Stacey Simms Introduce yourself. Hi there! I’m the host of the award-winning podcast Diabetes Connections and the author of “The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom: Real Life Stories of Parenting a Child With Type 1 Diabetes.” My new book, “Still the World’s Worst Diabetes Mom” comes out in November. My son was diagnosed […]

That Trophy Wife Life Comedy and Self Improvement with Dayna Pereira

That Trophy Wife Life Comedy and Self Improvement with Dayna Pereira Introduce yourself. I’m Dayna Pereira. A self proclaimed Participation Trophy Wife, Show Host, CEO of The Entertainers Network, and YouTube personality. What, you wonder, is a participation trophy wife? I’m so glad you asked! A participation trophy wife means that I don’t always nail […]

Joyfully Prepared by Wendi Bergin

Joyfully Prepared by Wendi Bergin Introduce yourself. I’m a regular mom with a husband, a bunch of kids, and some dogs and I’m the founder of Joyfully Prepared, a business dedicated to teaching busy moms skills like gardening, food preservation, natural remedies, and more so they can take care of themselves through developing talents, support […]