A Nefarious Nightmare Podcast by Courtney Fenner

A Nefarious Nightmare with Courtney Fenner Introduce yourself. My name is Courtney, and I am one half of A Nefarious Nightmare podcast. We cover true crime cases focusing mainly on lesser known crimes and crimes against those deemed extra vulnerable. We are working to create more diversity in this space because people fail to talk […]

Bippity Boppity Business by Rita Richa

Bippity Boppity Business with Rita Richa Introduce yourself. Bippity. Boppity. Business. ? Those are 3 words you have never heard together… until today. ? I am the host of Bippity Boppity Business, a podcast where I interview former Disney cast members and enthusiasts. I started the podcast because I am fascinated by the way Disney […]

A Little Bit of Everything With Me! by Angelica Vallecillo Goncalves

A Little Bit of Everything With Me! with Angelica Vallecillo Goncalves Introduce yourself. I am adult with a learning disability that was as a young kid I wouldn’t be successful. It took a long time to accept this learning disability, in 2017 I decided to say okay I have this gift I have accomplished so […]

Transforming Talent by Ed Krow

Transforming Talent with Ed Krow Introduce yourself. Ed is the Talent Transformation Expert for businesses looking to achieve 8 figure growth. He delivers captivating, high-energy keynote presentations that challenge the traditional model of HR and prepare decision makers for motivating their people with a win-win strategy. In his career, Ed has helped over 250 clients, […]

Unlocking Your World of Creativity by Mark Stinson

Unlocking Your World of Creativity with Mark Stinson Introduce yourself. Iam a Brand Innovator – an experienced marketer, a venture catalyst, and a skilled group facilitator. My work has included market assessment, branding, and marketing strategy for health, science, and technology products in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices, provider networks, and clinical research tools. But what […]